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February 17, 2009

Stop Talking so fast.

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Have you ever gotten a message like this?

“Hi this is Frank, I was referred to you by Jennie from accounting.  She said you would be the person to help solve my problem.  Please call me back at…

The next flurry of sounds and clicks is spoken so fast it sounds like it is in Swaheli?  You have to listen 17 times just to hear what the area code is. 

Why do we do this?  Why do we believe that people can understand our super-fast gibberish that we call numbers?  You would never leave the whole message this way.  I want to let you in on something, something I learned from getting those types of messages all the time. 

  • The phone number is the most important part of the message.  Not who you are or what you want.  the number.  so SLOW…D.O..W…N…. 

I see this a lot with insurance too.  You spend all this time figuring out what your new company’s name is, where you want your office to be, what you want to sell, and to whom, but when it comes to making sure your newest venture is covered for all the pitfalls of the world, people just hand someone a check.  Then down the road, when the insurance really counts, they have no idea what they have, how it works or even who to call.  They just bought the first policy they saw, or even worse, the cheapest policy they saw and assumed they were all the same. 

Insurance should be something you look at with your agent once a year.  Your business changes but your insurance doesn’t unless you change it.  If it has been 4 or 5 years since your last checkup, call your insurance agent, or better yet, get a new one.  One that understands your business and knows business change.  You need one that makes it a point to call upon you and ask what has changed.  

  • injured-blue-manAfter an accident, is the wrong time to find your not covered and worse yet, could have been for a few dollars more a month if only you would have known you weren’t covered. 


I understand there will always be a place for bottom rung, cheap-as-possible, no-agent insurance.   Just not covering your business.  If you remember only one thing, remember this:  This is more than your job.  This is your life.   Proctect what you have built by using a good, local insurance agent.  One that is going to help you pick up the pieces and put you back on the right track.  To get you building your business again.  To get you doing what you love again.  Don’t let one bad car wreck, one bad employee, or one bad widget end your dream.  Insurance exists to cover you for all of these things.  To help you.   We may cost a few dollars more, but I promise the good ones are worth it.  

What horror stories do you have about cheap insurance that wasn’t worth the savings?

Blog written by Nathan Watson.  Insuring Shawnee and all of Kansas City.  913.322.3388. 

“I help you get the insurance you think you already have.”


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