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July 7, 2009

Twitter and the Bottom Line for a Service Business

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twitterHey folks, cynical Sam here. Still looking for a answer to a question that has yet to yield a simple answer.

Q. Can I use Twitter or any online social media to improve the bottom line of my “Local Service” business?

A. So far as I can discern, no one has positive proof that I can.

What is happening, is every social media consulting company in the world (and there’s thousands of them now) are blaring at the top of their lungs how you have to be using Twitter and all the other social media tools that are out there, otherwise you’re going to be left in the business dust. And not only should you be using those tools, but because it’s so insanely complicated, you should be paying them to help you use all these social networking tools.

Now this is fine, because there’s a lot of consultants out there who know what they they’re doing in these tools. But here’s the kicker, they are all touting sucesses for non-service based businesses.

Where are the positive ROI success stories and examples for: plumbers, doctors, HR consultants, lawyers, liquor store owners, chiropractors, Web developers, graphic artists, jewelry sales reps, life insurance reps, day spas, stained glass restorers, auto body repair shops, carpet cleaners, dog walkers, foundation repairers, driveway sealers, gutter cleaners and the thousands of other home based and small service businesses?

I propose that those success stories don’t exist because service based industries have yet to figure out how to monetize social networking to their benefit, AND may never come up with a way.

So my questions to the world are these….

Are you a LOCAL home based or small service business? If yes! Are you using social networking and has it increased your bottom line? How much time are you spending on it per week? How can other LOCAL service based businesses repeat your example?

Time is money, and if you’re Twittering, Linked-Ining(sp?), FaceBooking, MySpacing, Plaxoing and the dozens of other social networking tools out there. If you’re using these, please provide some positive local service based business examples of how this social networking explosion has helped your business. How did you do it?


Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC.
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April 20, 2009

Small Business Don’t Twitter Your Time Away

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twitterHere a Twitter,
There a Twitter,
Everywhere a Twitter, Twitter. 

Twitter “comments” seems to be everywhere don’t they?

So before I actually talk about what Twitter is, maybe the first step is to consider how did you actually hear about Twitter.

Did you see it on the news mentioned about Twittering a huge event like a presidential election campaign, CNN current news, the last holes at the Master’s Golf Tournament, the finish line at the Tour de’ France, etc. Or, maybe you heard it from some company knocking at your door wanting to sell you online social media services because your business is going to get left in the dust if you don’t buy their services?  Or maybe you heard it from your kids or that relative/friend out looking for a job because they were just laid off. Finally, you might have heard people say, “What the heck is Twitter?”

With the all above thoughts in mind now ask yourself this…………..

Have your heard your customers ask you “Why aren’t you using Twitter because “I” your customer want you to be using it?

Folks, are your customers asking you to start using Twitter?

At it’s foundation, Twitter is a Web tool used to have online conversations about something happening right here, right now. Whether it’s Twittering about a news event, or maybe some store that made a gaff of some kind in their policy. The more hype, drama, and excitement the event has the better. Did you know Twitter comments, or Tweets, are limited to 140 characters at a time. So it truly is a quick flurry of words being thrown around between people saying, Wow check this out. Once the excitement is over, the conversation thread basically dies and people move on to the next exciting thing they seem to have time to check out.

So now, as a business owner, ask yourself a couple questions if you’re considering Twitter.

1.      Is my target market population, my core customer base, are they using Twitter?

2.      Do I have something going on in my business, right here, right now that I can use to market to those currently on Twitter. Something that is going to generate excitement, buzz or drama in a way that the word spreads to all Twitter users for the briefest span of time in a way that I can capitalize on somehow for my business.

Ultimately, Twitter takes time and a thorough, thorough marketing plan to have any hope of being a success tool for a small business. Don’t waste your precious time on Twitter if you don’t have it as an integral part of your overall marketing plan.

Someone please share with us how you are using Twitter to consistently grow your small business? There are so few success stories out there on Google.


Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC.
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet (913) 908.5642


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